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Online Workshops

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This workshop will blow your mind about what is really important for good health. 

You'll learn what science has long-known, but the medical world doesn't implement: Good health is very different from a healthy diet and exercise.

Learn in a supportive environment how you can optimize your health in fun and easy to implement ways. 

A real eye-opener. 

"I really enjoyed this program. I find myself thinking that I am quite well rounded, experienced and knowledgeable in all things holistic health given some of my personal journey, but there wasn't a 'dull' moment in the course."

-Michelle Owens, CA

A course designed to make you understand how yoga works, how your unique body works and experience how a seemingly physical discipline is really a journey of the mind. Suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced yogis. 

"I took Alex's online 10 week Ashtanga Training course and was truly surprised at how much my mental and physical body changed throughout the course. Alex is an incredible teacher and leads through descriptions and examples, and will guide you perfectly and patiently, somehow catering to each individuals needs, while also leading the whole group together. I could not recommend enough this class to anyone who has ever been curious about Ashtanga yoga, anyone looking for some introspection and mental focus, or anyone looking for a stronger yoga practice to be able to do on your own.."

-Mikayla Mott, New York

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