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Therapeutic Thai Massage

Thai massage is an Ancient Healing Art, passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It's an intense physical massage that focuses on the energy lines in the body, restoring the natural energy flow in the body so that the body can heal itself. 

This treatment will give you one of the greatest physical reliefs you've ever experienced. 

Results that clients have obtained with my

Thai bodywork sessions:

-Release Frozen shoulder

-Return of sensation after years of numbness

-Return hand movement that specialized doctors for decades had said would be impossible

-Get rid of back pain that weeks of physio hadn't released

-Make people experience self-love for the first time ever

-Reduce anger outbursts to 1/10th

-Safely let stored trauma and emotions resurface to release

I give sessions in different countries throughout the year; Nicaragua, the Netherlands, Vermont (US) and Whistler (CA). Click below to see which country I'm at and book your session. 

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Personalized Yoga

Available online or in-person

Are you that person who has chronic back pain, old knee or shoulder injuries or has always been very stiff and thinks that nothing more can be done? I'd love to take on the challenge and help you towards physical and mental health like many others before you. 

You'll see with 1:1 yoga how quickly your body can release old injuries and gain flexibility when catered to your needs. Once the physical body opens up, life energy starts flowing and your attitude towards life will change.

Available in-person or online via Zoom and through video feedback. 

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