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It took a Bachelor degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Neuroscience for me to realize that academia was not going to teach me the knowledge I was searching for. I knew that mind and body were connected, but our healthcare system still treats Psychology and Medicine as two separate fields.

Body and mind started to come together for me when I became a yoga teacher, learned the art of massage from real masters in Thailand and India, and practiced many hours of Vipassana meditation (also called the Art of Living); the technique of the Buddha. These Healing Arts have taught me how the physical body is a direct reflection of the mind and how essential mental well-being is for physical health.​​


I would like to take you on a journey of holistic wellness, where you experience through your own body and breath how body and mind are inseparable from each other.

What others say

Notebook and Pen
Alex is a wealth of holistic health knowledge and an expert in her art. I have been a client of Alex's for both Thas massage as well as personalized yoga practice. In both capacities she goes above and beyond to first understand your body and its exact needs to second target precisely which movements will unlock, release and open your muscles and tendons. Alex was able to provide me new found flexibility with only a very short eight minute routine done daily designed for my body. Through massage she found areas I would have never thought of to focus on such as wrists and ankles. I would highly recommend seeing Alex no matter if you are looking for massage, yoga, coaching or holistic health guidance. She will deliver!

Jason Bell, CA

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