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A workbook every parent should have

How can we guide our kids to become emotionally mature humans? It starts with ourselves. It’s imperative that we as parents create awareness around who we truly are. How have our upbringing and past experiences molded our psyche and perception of reality? Where do our triggers and coping mechanisms come from? Understanding who we truly are will allow us as parents to bring our behavior out of the subconscious into the conscious mind. With that comes the freedom to change our behavior and become the best version of a parent we can be.

This workbook helps you you'll expand your emotional awareness around your own upbringing and how you raise your children. In chapter one you'll revisit your own childhood through the lens of your adult self, creating compassion for your younger self and letting go of limiting beliefs. Chapter two takes you to explore your family history, generational traumas and resilience, giving you a chance to understand your (grand)parents behaviours and releasing any blame towards them. In the third chapter you'll explore how your ways of parenting influences how your children see the world. By creating emotional awareness, you can move from reacting to acting. In that difference lies the power to become the best parent you can be. 


Get inspired and feel at ease in our Moms Circle 

Am I doing this right? Am I stimulating my child enough? Is this normal? Should my baby sleep through the night already? Why am I having difficulties breastfeeding? If you're a mom to young children, especially as a first time mom, chances are high that these lines are familiar thoughts in your head. Oh, the pressure we experience from all the perfect pictures and stories of everyone around us...

What if you could share your thoughts, concerns, doubts, worries and pride with a group of moms that are not in your inner circle? A chance for you to share freely without getting unsolicited advice. A chance to hear others' stories. A chance to get inspired. A chance to hear how different we all parent. And most important of all.. An environment where you'll get encouraged to parent the ONLY right way - your way.  

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